Hospital operating on solar energy enters service in Idleb province

The Energy Development and Ecology Association (EDE) has completed the implementation of the project of the hospital in Idleb.

The first tests of the project related to solar energy have given positive results. The association started operating the solar energy system to provide power to the entire hospital and all its devices.
The project is a result of the theoretical and applied trainings of the body staffs during the three stages. The trainings included the accurate methods to operate hospitals relying on solar energy. They also included planning, designing, implementation and monitoring according to the French and European standards (ICE).

The beneficiaries of the hospital are 8000 people and performs 150 operations per month. It is considered as the first of its kind – size and standard engineering scale.

The project is one of many steps in the chain of the association projects to train highly qualified technical body staffs in Syria, and ensure its sustainability. It will also preserve qualified body staffs and encourage them to work in Syria to participate in the development of the local economy and stabilization of the community and also to provide basic needs to the society.

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