The Energy Development and Ecology Association (EDE) completed the project of installation of solar cells in the widows camp in Idlib province northern Syria

The technical body staffs of the association have installed 44 small size cells, and performed operating tests to ensure the readiness of the solar cells. Each cell was installed on roofs and walls of a residence. It will power 3 lamps inside the residence, and one at the door for street lighting. There will be also a plug to be used to charge cell phones, and power computers.

The project will be handed over to the families of the camps according the to the regulation rules. They will be able to protect and preserve the system against any possible damage or loss. The families will hand over the system when the camp is closed.

The camp hosts 44 orphans families including 100 children, 74 of which are pupils.

These efforts are part of the association plan to provide basic livelihoods means to families and children and support their lives in a better circumstances.

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